CSPAN: Democrats ran interference for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Barney Frank wants voters to believe that the Bush administration got us into the present financial mess. This is a toxic lie, as shown by these CSPAN excerpts from 2004 Congressional hearings on tighter regulation of Fannie and Freddie. Note that the Democrat members are challenging Republican’s attempts to raise alarms about a subprime-related housing meltdown and, in particular, excoriating government regulators for their testimony.

Selling America’s economy down the river started years ago and Democrats who would tell you that Republicans failed you are flat-out lying.

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Crap sandwiches

I love Jonah Goldberg. Dude can write. And what he writes cuts through the editorial blather better than anybody opining for New York-area dailies since William Safire retired from the Times.

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Boobs loose again in Vermont

How does that old playground joke go?

Q. What’s the difference between mothers’ milk and cows’ milk?

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Open for business

RS@N is now open for comments. You’ll have to register first, but I won’t make you wear the club tie or anything like that. Sign-up, sign-in and sound-off.

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Pishwaugh and the Prizefighter

Seamus Pishwaugh is hard-boiled-but-inept and, like his name, just the sort of guy you’d want in your corner if you planned to throw a fistfight.

Pugilists in Pluffmud

In those days, if you braved quicksand, feral boars and rattlesnakes and arrived at Fripp Island’s westernmost edge, you would be rewarded with privacy, quiet fishing and the best sunsets north of Harbor Town. For ten long summers, I clung to that dock as my fortress of solitude and learned to live in rhythm with its tides.

Seining the Tide

Through the truck’s open windows, I could smell the Atlantic and everything about the scene told me that we were running out of land and would soon arrive at a place where the creek and marsh and dirt track yielded to dune grass and scrub oaks and beach and the whole starlit tableaux would slide, salty but warm off the edge of the continent.

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Pishwaugh and the Prizefighter

In a little while, O’Malley came back into the bar and took a stool. “It’s all fixed,” the little man said.

“What’s fixed?” Pish replied, regarding him carefully.

“The match. I’ve got it all worked out. ”

The barkeep caught Pish’s eye and, with a nod, set two fresh glasses on the bar. Pish raised his and in a movement, emptied it, eyes damp. O’Malley made a small noise above his whisky, cupping the glass with two hands in the manner of someone warding off chill. The extra exertion seemed to work, as in a moment he brightened visibly and said “Farth round. He’ll take a knee.”

Pish considered this news for a moment and thought that the odds were only slightly better. “Will he come out punching?” he asked.

The little man appeared perplexed. “He’s his father’s son, now isn’t he?”

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